Dust,Mist And Fume Extraction System
Jet Pulse Panel Filter

Panel filters are far more easily and efficiently cleaned owing to their wide pleat spacings and specially produced venturis. They have approximately 15.000-20.000 hours of average life. However these figures may decrease or increase according to many variables such as type of dust, humidity and altitude of environment, dryness of the cleaning air.
By the use of panel  filter, M class (0.2-2 micron particle size DIN EN 60335-2-69) industrial dusts are filtered at the rate of 99.9% and may be released if desired.
Cabin, side and top covers, reinforcement profiles, chassis and all support legs have appropriate metal sheet thickness and are pressure twisted and their tightness is ensured by the use of bolt and they are manufactured galvanized or of DKP metal sheet upon request.
It’s structure provides the decrease of logistics costs, shortening of production and installation time and ensures an unlimited capacity.
Thanks to its design, it occupies less room and leaves the production areas to you.
Thanks to its system, maintenance and operating costs are very low and filtering efficiency and filter life are very long.